Profumi D’italya Tour Operator was born in 2020 and is specialized in GROUP TRAVEL WITH TOUR LEADER AND TAILOR-MADE INDIVIDUAL TRIPS throughout the Italian territory. It is SUPPORTED by the almost twenty-year experience of the Older Sister PROFUMI D'ORIENTE Travel & Lifestyle. This is a travel agency specialized in Tailor Made itineraries all over the world. Its founding partners and collaborators interpret a unique philosophy in the tourist sector which aims at offering its customers an unforgettable, personalized and exclusive experience based on in-depth knowledge of the destinations and of the tourist offer. PROFUMI D'ITALYA wants to follow the same line.


An excellent staff, a perfect team capable of combining knowledge, experience, creativity, culture and quality on a daily basis while constantly maintaining a perfect all-Italian style. With great organizational capacity mixed with the care of the old artisan shop, the different proposals of the programming office focus on signature itineraries, dividing GROUP TRIPS into Day Trips, Weekends, Tours & Travel, and INDIVIDUAL TRIPS into unique or romantic experiences or adrenaline or unforgettable, for couples, small groups, families or honeymoons.


Our effort is put in planning each individual destination. Each itinerary is unique and beauty, nature, poetry, the richness of history, culture, traditions and flavors are never overlooked. Each trip considers important variables such as seasonality, holidays, atmospheres, beauties and cultures. We see travelling as a metaphor of life and the search for new challenges. In Italy we boast an unparalleled historical, cultural and landscape heritage; it is the country with the highest number of Unesco World Heritage Sites. A miscellany of wonders in a few hundred kilometers. The activity of organizing group or individual trips remains constantly as the background to the constant growth of Italy which is there for all to see.


Other than our usual programs:

  • Group tours
  • Ad hoc itineraries for individuals or small groups
  • Business or study trips
  • Incentives
  • Congresses
  • Honeymoons

The Tour Operator has also wanted to give great importance to INCOMING OF

  1. VARESE and its province: our city, and its 4 UNESCO sites. For a small province it is a world record. We also find a large area of the biosphere that goes from the Ticino Park to that of the Val Grande up to Verbano and numerous historical-artistic and landscape assets owned by the FAI. The blue water, the green hills, the white of the snow-capped peaks at the horizon. Since ancient times Varese has always been considered a territory positioned in a strategic place; a short distance from Milan, Como and Lugano and a perfect place to relax in contact with nature. With 7 lakes, 4 Unesco sites and 5 FAI assets, it will quickly conquer you: whether you are sportsmen looking for trekking or cycling paths, or if you prefer art, culture and landscape, or if you are looking for good food...
  2. SONDRIO and its province with all its beauties is a small jewel surrounded by greenery in Lombardy. Walking, eating typical dishes, drinking good wine, indulging in winter sports and activities, taking an excursion, admiring the village and its artistic side and finally, enjoying the relaxation of pristine greenery are some of the activities you can engage in when in Sondrio. Before even stopping to contemplate nature or to savor the tastes of these lands, one's gaze turns to the architecture of the place. In the city there are historic, Renaissance style buildings such as the Palazzo Comunale or Palazzo Carbonera, Baroque style palaces, for example Palazzo Sertoli and many others, and some Neoclassical edifices, such as the Church of the Collegiata Santi Gervasio e Protasio. There is also no shortage of stone houses with a more peasant and popular look. Among streets, shops and taverns, we will first of all dwell in the heart of the city.